Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic comes to Philly this April!

Sesame Street Live Make Your Magic ensemble

All your favorite Sesame Street characters return to the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia April 11-14th for Sesame Street Live!.  This year’s show, Make Your Magic, is all about discovering the magic present in our daily lives – even with things that seem ordinary. 

Elmo finds himself in a predicament: he wants to put on a magic show for his friends at Sesame Street, but he doesn’t know how!  Elmo and Abby team up with their new friend Justin, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Rosita, and Count von Count to learn the importance of perseverance in achieving your dreams.

What an adorable and important message to send!

Kids are going to LOVE this show for many reasons. 

For one, there’s the iconic Sesame Street characters.  You can’t beat that, right?  Elmo is right there!  And Abby!  And Cookie Monster!  (You can probably hear your kids’ voices now…. 😉 )

Next, there’s the music and dancing.  Oftentimes when you take your kids to a live performance, you worry about them yelling, getting up, or disturbing others in the audience.  At Sesame Street Live!, though, those concerns are often alleviated.

I spoke with Michael Lunder, who portrays Cookie Monster and also serves as the Dance Captain of the tour.  In speaking to the positive aspects of this performance, he immediately noted the interactive element.  According to Lunder, what makes Sesame Street Live! such a great introduction to live performances is how interactive the show is!  Kids are frequently invited on the stage. The characters come through the rows and encourage everyone to “Get up, stand up!” and move along! Lunder, as Cookie Monster, often participates in this task; and he mentioned that it’s one of his favorite parts of the job!

Grover from Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic - Feld Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment

The music is catchy and memorable.  And the dancing receives high compliments.  This package makes for an incredibly engaging and entertaining experience for both children and parents. In fact, audience members are encouraged to participate as much as they can in this highly inviting and inclusive show.

Finally, kids are going to love the experience of live theater.  It’s something that truly can’t be replicated.  Lunder had a great point.  He mentioned how wonderful it is that their “first theater experience is something geared towards them that completely invites them into the world of Sesame Street and completely invites them to learn and have fun with the Sesame Street characters.”

Sure seems worth it to me!

Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic is at the Liacouras Center at Temple University in Philadelphia from April 11-14th, 2019.  Tickets start at $15.  Special meet and greet packages are available before certain showtimes as well! 

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