Rebounderz Lansdale is BACK IN BUSINESS!

Talk about some crazy back-and-forth here!

The saga of Rebounderz Lansdale’s fate has ping-ponged multiple times since the winter. First, there was an abrupt note of closure on their website right after Christmas. Families were in disarray – parents began mourning the loss of a local toddler jump time, and families who had received and given gift cards for this great venue were both frustrated and confused. Thank goodness for social media though! As reported on Facebook, Rebounderz Lansdale was currently in a contract dispute with their corporate franchising. While the website was shut down, social media was active and Rebounderz was, indeed, open for business this holiday season. While the website still marked closed, families were able to get their jump on – and many did so happily.

Then, mid-January struck.

Rebounderz Lansdale reported via social media that they were closing after the MLK, Jr. weekend. January 21st was the last day for business. It was evident that the earlier dispute did not work out in favor of the previous ownership. Bad news all around.

And yet here we are – notifying you that Rebounderz Lansdale has quickly assumed new ownership!

Effective today, February 1st at 4pm – Rebounderz Lansdale is BACK IN BUSINESS! For their grand re-opening celebration, they are offering some specials. Notably, anyone attending opening weekend will receive $1 of their jump ticket. Checking in on Facebook will get jumpers an additional $1 off.

As for the future of Toddler Time? Rebounderz has stated that they plan to have this again! As soon as we get the details, we’ll get it posted.

Cheers for some good news! 🙂