Playground Positives: Telford Municipal Park

Telford Municipal Park playground

Originally published July 19, 2017


We tried to beat the heat this week with a playground trip to Telford Municipal Park.  The playground is fairly new and sits right next to the Indian Valley Library in Telford Borough.  (Check out a map of Telford and Souderton Borough Playgrounds here).

This one was a lot of fun.  I was immediately drawn in by the convenience of the parking lot right in front of the play area (if I’m able to leave the bulky bags in the car – I’m happy!). There’s also a water fountain close to the pavilion.  The pavilion, itself, is a good spot to grab some shade if needed!

The equipment is really creative here!  There are several slides, climbers, and apparatuses for kids to explore.  My favorite feature is the climbing trees!  It reminds me a forest.  It’s a great place for kids to let their imagination run wild.

One of the best features here is simply the proximity to the library.  I envision many days of visiting both facilities!  And if the weather rains on your playground plans, you know there’s still somewhere to visit and have a great time.  This library offers many events for children and adults throughout the year – many of which appear on our calendar.  So be sure to check that out!