Playground Positives: Manderach Memorial Park

Manderach Memorial Playground tower and slides

Manderach Memorial Playground in Limerick, PA is arguably one of the BEST playgrounds in the Philadelphia area. Though it’s a little bit of a drive from the North Penn area, it’s worth the trip.

Fun Equipment for Multiple Ages

The hallmark of this playground is the massive tower with two tube slides flanking the edge. They’re perfect for racing and are “super-fast!” (so my kids say).

Off to the right is a play area designed for ages 2-5 with multiple climbers, bridges, and teeny-slides appropriate for the age. A set of swings line the back with regular, toddler, and accessible versions.

On the left, the big kids can enjoy rock walls, climbing ladders, and slides. Best of all – there are saucer swings and multiple spinners (even some that you can climb on!).

Easy and Comfortable for All

While the bulk of the playground is in direct sunlight, there are many trees lining the edges to provide some shade. There is also a gazebo in the middle with multiple benches. Several more benches line the perimeter of this fenced-in play area.

As a parent of an infant with older kids running around, I found it easy to be with my youngest while still being able to see the older ones to monitor their play.

And the bathroom situation? You’re good here! Men’s, women’s, and a family restroom are available in the building next to the playground – as is a changing table.

Parking is easy. There’s a big lot directly in front of the playground.

The Story of Manderach Memorial Playground

Manderach Memorial Playground is a feature of Limerick Community Park – a large park holding multiple sports field/courts, pavilions, and a walking path. The playground itself has a unique back story though.

The playground was built in the late ’90s as a memorial to 29-year old Lisa Manderach and her 19-month old daughter Devon who were tragically murdered in 1997 while shopping at a children’s clothing store in Collegeville. Ginger Childs spear-headed a community effort to raise money and erect this playground in their memory.

When you look at this playground, you’ll notice homages to the family. Hearts capture your eye as you gaze upon the tower, rightfully named “Lisa’s Lookout.” From the gazebo hangs a sign for “Devon’s Place.” And the playground’s sign features two adjoining hearts with the slogan, “Hearts Working Together.” Maria Panataris’s article “Two-Story Slides and Saucer Swings” for encapsulates the emotion and history behind this beautiful place – I suggest reading it.

While the roots of this playground lie in tragedy, it’s amazing to see the amount of joy it provides visiting families. The playground is an amazing testament to the heart of others.

When to Visit

Manderach Memorial Playground is open from dawn-dusk May through October. It is closed on the first Monday of each month from 7am-2pm for regular maintenance. This maintenance preserves the high quality, safe play for children.