Playground Positives: Fischer’s Park

Ampitheater at Fischers Park

Originally published July 13, 2017

When you have young kids, it’s probably best for every parent to have some token playgrounds in their pocket of “What should we do today?” tricks.  Playground guides are a huge help (especially if you’re new to an area, a new parent who hasn’t thought about the whole “playground thing” for a while, etc.).  The guide can tell me where to go and maybe some features I’ll find.  But there’s more things to consider when you question, “Will this be worth our time?”  Such as equipment your child enjoys (or is scared of), what the crowd will be like, the parking, and definitely – the bathroom situation 🙂 .  So the purpose of this segment in the blog will be to showcase the positive details of local playgrounds.  We’ll provide you with some insider info so you can better plan your days!

Fischers Park, Towamencin/Harleysville, PA

Fischer’s Park in Towamencin is one of my favorite places to take the kids – especially with their recent renovations.  It’s about a 5 minute drive from the Lansdale interchange of the NE Extension, resting off of Bustard Rd.  The park itself is spacious and beautifully landscaped.  It boasts paved and dirt walking trails around the playground area and through a nature region.  This makes for nice stroller walking to the play area.  Parking is super-easy with a big lot as soon as you pull in.  You’ll also see one of my favorite “parent features:” bathrooms and water fountains (even for dogs) in close proximity to the playgrounds.

There are two main play areas.  The new area is best for young kids (about 2-5 years old).  The area is semi-gated and next to a shaded pavilion with plenty of picnic tables (Tip: great for lunchtime!).  There’s climbers, crawlers, a 4-seater see-saw, balance walkers, and swings (baby, standard, and an accessible swing).  The ground is a soft finish.

Another playground sits closer to the bathrooms that’s best for the older kids (about 5+ years old).  There’s a big climber with multiple slides, monkey bars, tic tac toe, and a tunnel.  There’s also a sliding bar and several swings off to the side.

The combination of elements at Fisher’s Park makes for a nice trip.  The playground variety is nice, it’s clean, it’s comfortable, and it’s pretty!  There’s also things to do if the kids have one of those “No, I don’t feel like playing” kind of dates.  Try walking around the trail and going down to the creek.  Keep an eye out for ducks, birds, and other small animals.  Run in the field by the amphitheater.  Hang out in the shade.  Play checkers by the pavilion.  Or – just go for a walk/jog in a beautiful, fun, local park.

Keep an eye out for many events they hold throughout the year too!  We’ll have them on our calendar!