Playground Positives: Everybody’s Playground at Lukens Park

Entrance to Everybody's Playground

Everybody’s Playground in Horsham, PA is a great outdoor play place for kids of multiple ages.  Part of Lukens Park on Dresher Rd in Horsham, Everybody’s Playground was conceived as a place where children of all abilities can engage in enjoyable, outdoor, physical play.  With a great variety of equipment, a smooth surface, real restrooms available, and easy parking – it’s one of my favorite places to visit.  If you’re looking for great playgrounds around Montgomery County, this is absolutely one to add to the list!

What to Play with at Everybody’s Playground

One of the most appealing aspects of Everybody’s Playground is there is MORE than enough to keep kids entertained.  Kids run up a ramp and can turn every which way, finding something new with every turn.  It might be some monkey bars, a balance beam, a cargo net, a “spinning thing” (as my kids say, haha), or something else.

Slide lovers have the advantage of choice here!  There are tall ones, short ones, and even ones that roll all the way down like a conveyer belt (that one is a crowd favorite!).

Small Slides at Everybody’s Playground

Ample swings are around too.  Find bucket swings for little ones, regular swings for bigger kids, and multiple accessible swings for those in need.

In one corner is a mister that sprays kids with a very light mist of water when the button is pushed.  They have a lot of fun with this!

For little ones, there are some play pieces right on the ground level for them to enjoy.

Everybody’s Playground has two see-saws as well!

Parental Perspective Thinking Points:

The height of the equipment takes a weight off my shoulders.  The bulk of the equipment is not super high off the ground.  There are some taller areas around, but kids who don’t want (or shouldn’t) to go up high have plenty to do at a more comfortable height.  I worry less about falls this way too!

This playground is primarily in direct sunlight, so apply sunscreen before. Though there are some canopies around to provide some shady spots among the play equipment.

Several benches line the perimeter of the playground.  However, only a few are in shady spots.  The rest are in direct sunlight.

Make sure your car is stocked with sunscreen and more using this handy list for summer months!

The open style of equipment makes it easier to monitor from a distance.  But I will add that if you have a real young one, you should follow them around.  There are several openings a little one could get through – after all, the bigger kids have to get to the equipment somehow!

The ground is a nice, smooth surface.  No worrying about wood chips here!

Directly next to the playground is a covered pavilion with restrooms.  Plenty of trash cans are around.

Parking is SUPER easy too.  The parking lot is directly in front of the playground.  Everything is free.

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