Playground Positives: Souderton’s Chestnut St. Playground

Red Slides and pirate ship playground

Chestnut Street Playground, possibly known to some as the Wile Ave Playground, in Souderton Borough is a wonderful playground that people of all abilities can enjoy.  It was designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that physical limitations don’t prevent any willing player or caretaker from enjoying a fun trip to a colorful, engaging, and enjoyable playground.

Chestnut Street Playground is located at the intersection of Wile Ave. and Chestnut Street in Souderton Borough (get a map with directions here).  It is across the street from Souderton Mennonite Church (link).  Parking is available on site.

The Story of Chestnut Street Playground

While this playground has been around for some time, the renovation effort in recent years is the hallmark of its story.

Grants and fundraising efforts by the Chestnut Street Playground Community CARES group and the Souderton Mennonite Church brought in more than $250,000 to complete this project.

The main motivation was providing a safe play space for children.  But what’s unique about this effort is how other groups, such as grandparents and those with special needs, were part of the equation in its design.  They considered the needs of all people who may visit and tried to devise the best design to accommodate everyone.

The groundbreaking for the renovated playground was held in October, 2014.

What to Do a Chestnut Street Playground

There are a few separate zones at this playground to enjoy.

The main attraction is a large play area filled with multiple slides, climbers, and balancing apparatuses.  Here, kids can run around multiple ramps, which are safely fenced around.  Each time they move off a ramp, there’s an activity they can enjoy.  Slides are abundant in the structure, and they come in multiple heights. The “pirate ship” is a fun feature piece here.  This ship allows kids to wiggle and jiggle to their heart’s content as they keep their balance.

bridges at Chestnut St playground
Photo Cred: North Penn Under Ten

As a parent, my favorite feature of this attraction is the height.  It’s not too high off the ground! There’s a greater sense of safety with that.  But with all the colors and places to explore, kids have no issue moving around and being entertained.

The next zone is a ground-level area filled with spring-riders and other equipment.  There’s a little hippo and lady-bug that kids like climbing on and through.  There’s also a music station which is pretty fun!

springmount toys car duck hippo at playground
Photo Cred: North Penn Under Ten

The ground is a soft playground surface.  No woodchips on this side!  

The final play spot is a traditional playground structure.  Situated over a bed of woodchips, there are a few slides, climbers, tunnels, and a bridge to this structure. 

green and tan playground
Photo Cred: North Penn Under Ten

Swings are around the park.  Toddler swings are up the hill by the main piece.  Regular swings are down below.  Accessible swings are available, too.

Monitoring children is a comfortable experience at this playground.  There are several benches for caretakers to sit on.  There’s also a nice gazebo to provide some shade.  The retaining wall around the main attraction also provides additional, comfortable seating.

How to Visit

Chestnut Street Playground is located at the corner of Wile Ave. and Chestnut Ave. in Souderton Borough. Click here to access a map with directions.

Find it across the street from Souderton Mennonite Church. And it’s down the street from Downtown Scoop – a great local place for some ice cream!