Marking Up for Safety: Safety Tats

Safety Tats If Lost sticker

Originally published October 4, 2017

Confession: I experience a minor heart attack every time I’m in a large crowd with my kids.

I remember being so frustrated with my own mother growing up whenever she stated how much she disliked taking us to amusement parks and for “boardwalk nights” down the shore (they were the best – how could you not like that!)  Yet here I stand as a mother of two under five and I tell you what – karma bites hard.  I get it.  The hatred of the activity is unrelated to the activity itself.  The rides, the food, the music – whatever it may be.  Rather, the hatred stems from the crowd and the fear of losing your child.  Kids will be kids, right?  They’ll run around, they’ll jump and scream, and they may even mistake another family for their own.  They’ll get excited by Elmo (or if they’re like my kids, run in fear away from Elmo..) and go off on their own.  Or, god forbid, a much worse situation happens and you’re separated from the kids.

So as a parent, taking our kids fun places often results in a tough-to-win situation.  You may have spent a lot to go somewhere fun and you want to have a fun day.  You may battle a large, pushy crowd where everyone has kids so no “passes” exist.  Either way, it’s an anxious experience that can detract from the intent – to have fun.  And that’s no good.

So when I was approached to review Safety Tats, I was intrigued – admittedly for selfish reasons as first.  I’ve heard others talk about similar products, so I thought it might be good to try one out.  Thus, I accepted.  All I received for this post was three sample tattoos.  I was not compensated and these opinions here are my own.

Safety Tats were created by another mother with similar experiences to mine.  The purpose of the tat is to provide parent’s contact information on the child in a removable fashion, thus making it ideal for say, a day at an amusement park.

I tried the “Quick-Stick Write-On” 3-pack model.  Essentially, it’s a customizable sticker. It’s arrives blank with a small marker.  Peel the back off first and apply it to the child. Rub to activate adhesive.  When it’s nice and stuck, remove the front label and write whatever information you like.  The tattoo removes just like a band-aid.  It’s easy-on, easy-off at the end of the day.

Safety Tat: Write-On 'TatI tested this on my 4 year old’s inside forearm.  It did stick well.  I also felt there was adequate space to write your phone number.  My daughter ran around with it for about 2 hours and the marker never smudged.  With that being said, she did get annoyed with the tat after a little while.  Because it was so visible for her, it became a nuisance.  She kept trying to peel it off and play with it.  If we were out and about with this, that would become a problem.  It left her skin a little “ripply” after, much like a Band-Aid would, but that resolved quickly.

So there’s a trade-off necessary here: put it in a visible location (after all – that is the point of the thing), but also in a place where the child will leave it be.  Safety Tat’s website includes some pictures of kids wearing it on their bicep.  Looking forward, that’s a good location to try in the summer.

Overall, this product is a good one for it’s purpose.  It does the job that it needs.  Safety Tat offers many varieties as well.  There are models resembling temporary tattoos that apply with water and stay on for days.  There are others that can arrive ready-to-go when you create it online.

Hope this helps you (all!) feel more comfortable in the crowds!