Considering Adoption? This Free Workshop is for You.

Let’s talk about something important.

Like really super important.


It’s an incredibly emotional process that comes with many, many questions.  One of those questions is often, “Where do I start?”

The Family Building Project is hosting a FREE Adoption Education Workshop in King of Prussia on Saturday, March 30th.  The purpose of the workshop is to answer those very questions. 

The work they do is incredibly valuable that impacts lives to the highest degree.  If adoption is something you’ve ever considered, this workshop is for you.

Not sure if you’re ready yet?  Just read this testimonial from the Family Building Project.  Oh – and grab some tissues before you do.

“We spoke to our son’s first mother 11 days before our son was born.  My how much a life can change in 11 short days.

When the social worker placed him in my arms for the first time, I sobbed.  A visceral, from-the-soul kind of sob. I remember saying to him, through my tears, “You don’t know how long I have waited to meet you.”  Because it wasn’t 11 days.  It was years of hoping and dreaming and praying and wanting.  And I was so overcome with *my* emotions.  And yet I had no idea what was coming.

Our son’s birth mother could not have been more loving and gracious with us.  She had our profile book on display in her room for all to see, telling everyone that this was his new family.  And in the middle of the night had the wherewithal to grab the ultrasound pictures to bring to the hospital so we could have them as a keepsake.  She was there when I first met our son, and as I was sobbing, she got teary too, looking at the social worker, saying, “Oh…look at her! This is amazing.”  Her friends and family came to visit and, though it wasn’t yet my permission to give, they all asked me permission at the time to hold him.  In the moment, I thought they were being so very kind to us.  And they were.  But after some time away from the situation I realized how incredibly supportive they were being to our son’s first mother.  They were showing her they were honoring her decision by treating us so kindly.  What a gift to her, and in turn, to us. Being the recipient of that kind of grace was beyond humbling.

When it was time to say goodbye, I was again, a wreck.  I said to her, “I don’t even know *what* to say to you.  I mean, ‘Thank you’ barely scratches the surface.  You have single-handledly change our lives in the most amazing way.”  I told her we loved her, and always would.  This photo taken of us hugging outside the car is one of my most treasured mementos of this special time in our lives.  One of the nurses who was with us snapped it without us even knowing.  We were both crying, but that time was also filled with so much love.  

It was that day that I knew I was one of the luckiest people alive.  This other woman chose ME to be this boy’s mother.  ME. And she and her friends and family seemed so sure of the decision. But too, I understood this was not a light-hearted decision, and so my heart simultaneously broke and swelled.  Over and over again.  Eleven years later, I still get a little weepy as I retell the story because I can’t believe it happened for us.  And not a day goes by that I’m not intensely grateful.

Adoption is amazing.”

This beautiful testimonial illustrates the immense life impact and positive emotions which can be associated with adoption – for the birth and adoptive family.

To learn more about adoption, register to attend the free adoption education workshop on March 30th in King of Prussia. You can register here.

No harm in learning more, right?