Decorative Illumination with Light Box Arts

Light Box Arts Dream Big Robots

Originally published October 25, 2017

So my house is an “afraid of the dark” house at the moment.  We’ve gone through a slew of nightlights, timers – the whole nine.  But at some point, you get tired of buying “kid-specific” items to solve problems that you know will pass with age.  Light Box Artsare an interesting, and flexible, solution for times like these.  Plus, they’re really cute 🙂

Light Box Arts is a Philadelphia-based company who creates small boxes, a little shy of 3×6″, with a battery-operated LED backlight illumination.  Users can switch out a small plastic insert to change the design.  Their catalog offers an extensive array of design choices: kids’ rooms, seasonal, offices, inspirational quotes, man caves, and tweens (just to name a few).

Here’s a few seasonal items from their catalog:

Seasonal Designs

If you want a more personalized version, they also offer a “Design Your Own” line –  at the same price!  You can upload your own pictures, modify text, and change backgrounds.  If you’re looking for ideas of where to start, you can use a template as a guide.

A set of the box and an insert runs about $25.  I like that you can choose a frame type: wood, black, white, or gray.  Once you have a box, all you need are new inserts!  Those run about $12.

I volunteered to sample this product in hopes that it would help my “lights must be on at all times” woes.  I did not receive any compensation otherwise.  My thought is that this could serve as a cute nightlight, but serve an additional purpose as a decorative piece when it didn’t need to be on.  And I have to say, it’s been a nice piece to have!



First of all, I absolutely love this robots design.  It’s super cute.  I have it positioned on my daughter’s dresser.  Turning it on is a piece of cake – it’s an on/off switch in the back.  It runs off of 2 AAA batteries.  I’m a big fan of not having cords lying around in kids’ room, so it’s nice to not worry about that.  The only downside is that there’s no timer on this unit.  That means we have to turn it off on our own in the middle of the night if we don’t want it running.  However, it’s also important to note that the unit doesn’t generate much heat.  It runs with LED lights.  So even if we do let the light stay on all night, there’s no safety concern.

I also received a nice autumn design.  I placed this downstairs and on our mantel.  It’s been a nice piece to get into the “fall” mood.

An added asset: both designs are attractive whether the light is on or off.

Switching out the design is super-simple.  You pop out a little rubber holder and the plastic design slips right on out.  Getting a new one back in is easy too.

The illumination is pretty good for a decorative piece too.  It’s enough that you can see it’s on and objects in front receive a gentle glow.  But it’s not so bright that it will light your path while walking in the dark, for example.

All-in-all, this is a product worthy of recommendation for a multitude of purposes: decorative or gentle illumination.  Check out their website to see the selection!  Enjoy!