A Tale of Two Safety Towns

Originally published on June 20, 2014 by Aimee Heavener

It was the best of times.

Last March, I loaded my three kids, their tricycles and “big wheel” trikes into the back of our family truckster and set out on a mission. Destination: Safety Town! Those of you in-the-know parents might ask “Which Safety Town”?…

Why, both, of course!

Mommy was in a fun mood and the kids were eager to play outside after a long winter, so off we went. First stop:

Mason’s Mill Park in Upper Moreland Township where three-dimensional cinder block structures cluster to form a miniature town with paved pathways and even mini traffic lights.


We also explored the other play structures at Mason’s Mill Park:


After a fun-filled morning, we were ready for a lunch break, at which point I revealed the surprise that we were then going to head over to ANOTHER Safety Town! (Major Cool Mom points that day…)

Warminster Community Park’s Safety Town is fairly different, but absolutely just as fun as the one at Mason’s Mill Park.

Like Mason’s Mill, Warminster Community Park had additional play equipment, as well:


Things to know about the two Safety Towns:

Safety Town at Mason’s Mill Park is located at 3500 Masons Mill Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA. Masons Mill Park’s Safety Town was created to teach children how to obey traffic safety laws. Renovated in the summer of 2003, Safety Town is one of the park’s many family attractions, which also include three modular play equipment units, a water spray pole for hot summer days, a fitness trail (.72 mile) with 18 stations, wooded walking paths, three picnic pavilions equipped with charcoal grills, drinking fountains and picnic tables, a concert gazebo, horseshoe pits and a 30-acre nature walking area.

Safety Town at Warminster Community Park Safety Town is located at 300 Veterans Way (Johnsville Blvd & Veterans Way), Warminster, PA. In this miniaturized version of Warminster Township, young children can ride tricycles and big wheels and play in a make-believe town. All the storefronts and street buildings are modeled after local businesses and the safety signs and street markings have been shrunk down to smaller size to help teach the importance of street safety to youngsters. Stop signs, street lights, a railroad crossing, and pedestrian crosswalks are all included. The buildings have been designed for interactive play and there is even a sandbox.

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